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Speaker Abstracts

Cheol Ho Jeong

Cheol Ho Jeong

Professional title: Associate professor
Workplace: Technical University of Denmark
Phone number: +45 6172 4984


Problems of absorption coefficients as input data for room acoustic simulations

Absorption properties of acoustic elements are essential information. We want to know in advance how much the room acoustics can be improved by installing absorbers and sound devices. However, existing absorption quantification methods are still insufficient for the user/acoustician to predict what changes it can bring to the room under investigation. One way is to run room acoustic simulations, which requires the absorption characteristics as boundary conditions in terms of absorption coefficient or surface impedance. Most manufacturers do not provide enough information, which hinders users and acousticians from predicting the acoustics accurately. This problem has been discussed for longer than two decades in the acoustic community and we need join efforts to work it out better. This presentation will summarize the current challenges and present ideas to improve the situation from both industrial and academic viewpoints.