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Location of the conference

Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad, Sweden

About Hotel Tylösand

Tylösand, just north of Halmstad and some two hundred kilometers from Copenhagen Airport. The venue, Hotel Tylösand, is located on the shore and is one of Sweden’s top conference venues. Famous for it’s wonderful location, great food, a sizeable spa area and one of Sweden’s largest art galleries, exhibiting some of the world’s most interesting photographers. It’s not just a great place for anyone to come to. It’s definitely a great place for an acoustics event with anyone who’s someone within the world of acoustics.

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Halmstad is a university, industrial, port and recreational city at the mouth of the Nissan river, on the Swedish west coast.
Just as all places in the world, Halmstad offers its unique gems. Here’s a list of some sights that are a bit out of the ordinary.

Picasso’s Head of a Woman – An artistic masterpiece

In Halmstad, you find one of sixteen unique sculptures that Picasso donated to cities around the world. His Head of a Woman resides in the Picasso Park. It’s 15 metres high and sculpted in shot-blasted concrete.

The Slynge boulder – Voted a Swedish pearl

Sänke Hög with over 30 metres in diameter and two metres high, is the largest of stone mounds on Trönninge Beach. The coastal meadows in the area are rich in birdlife. Slynge boulder, a 3.5-metre high glacial erratic and an impressive landmark that reminds us of our Ice Age past.

Halmstad Castle

Beautifully positioned on the Nissan river, Halmstad Castle is located just two kilometers from the sea. It was built in the early 17th century when Halmstad and the province Halland was Danish. Kristian IV of Denmark initiated the build and wanted a larger, more imposing residence for his visits to Halmstad. Architect and construction manager Stenwinkel the Elder died before the building was completed. Today, the castle offers guided tours.

Hotel Tylösand art gallery

Tres Hombres Art, Swedens largest art gallery, is right inside Hotel Tylösand. Besides a huge collection of photo art, they also exhibit paintings, sculptures and graphic art by contemporary Scandinavian and international artists. The exhibitions are constantly changing, but in general around 400 pieces of art is to be enjoyed—most of them for sale or possible to order.

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