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Speaker Abstracts

Laura Arpiainen

Laura Arpiainen

Professional title: M.Arch. Professor, Health and Wellbeing Architecture
Workplace: Aalto University, Finland


Sensory design for age- and dementia friendly environments

The aging population are a growing demographic in all Western countries. Aalto University led a 1,5 year consortium project on design of memory-friendly living environments which looked at strategies for improving living conditions in different private, communal and institutional settings. The result was several recommendations and examples of how even small adjustments can offer significant benefits in quality of life. Professor Arpiainen’s presentation will focus on effects of sensory design and in particular acoustics.

About Laura Arpiainen

Laura is the Professor of Health and Wellbeing Architecture at Aalto University in Helsinki. An architect by training, she is a long-term healthcare specialist with an international track record in all areas of healthcare including strategic planning and operationalizing of systems, service design, clinical planning and of course architecture and facility planning. Laura holds dual Finnish / Canadian citizenship and is particularly interested in mental health, diversity, inclusive and sensory design, integrated and holistic solutions for healthcare, patient and family experience, new definitions of wellbeing and the relationship of built environments and climate change to health. A popular visiting critic, keynote speaker and teacher, Laura is delighted to participate at Ecophon International Acoustics Seminar 2023.