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Speaker Abstracts

Alessandro Caruso

Alessandro Caruso

Professional title: Managing Director & Principal Architect
Workplace: Alessandro Caruso Architects


Shaping a vibrant experience

This paper explores design elements of a space that is inclusive and sustainable to relate and engage with people, supporting their relationships and emotions in healthcare environments.

The underlying approach is to understand the individuals’ personal circumstances to create an environment that is flexible and adaptable to achieve best outcomes:

  • Interrogation of the project brief
  • Engagement of all stakeholders
  • Research of collaborative and sustainable design solutions
  • Communication with all building users
  • Repeat

Aims and Objectives:

Have you ever entered a hospital and experience a feeling of joy? the presentation illustrates the exploration of a possible harmonious pattern to discover a method to design an empathic experience, considering the continuous vibration the space can create.

Understanding the process behind space, relationships and emotions become a language to create meaningful lines converting into an immersive experience which stands to witness their significance for wellbeing.


A holistic co-design approach for wellbeing:

  • One size fits all is not applicable and an accurate understanding of the people using the building is required to achieve a sustainable healthcare outcome.
  • A coherent investigation using completed projects to reduce anxiety and promote wellbeing using the environment as key ingredient.


The character and personality of the space can help:

  • Influencing the human experience with positive energy.
  • Favouring inclusive psychological support
  • Promote empathy and wellbeing of the end users.