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Speaker Abstracts

Henrik Möller

Henrik Möller

Professional title: MSc(eng), FIOA, Leading Consultant
Workplace: Akukon Ltd
Phone number: +358500708263


The magic of the Multipurpose Hall

Multipurpose halls are most likely the most commonly design for performance spaces. Nearly all smaller community halls will be multipurpose, but even dedicated concert halls or even opera halls will certain elements of multipurpose use. Still, it is a common belief that Multipurpose is “not good for anything” or “No-purpose”.

However, there is no reason why a multipurpose hall can not be a venue for brilliant performances, when you do it right. The problem is that to design a good/functional multipurpose hall, you need not only to understand acoustic, but perhaps even more important the functionality which is needed for the space to function.

In this presentation, I will present some design guidelines/Suggestions and present examples of halls. My presentation will focus both acoustic issues as well as theatre technology and functionality issues.