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Marco Caniato

Professional title: Dr.
Workplace: Free University of Bozen
Phone number: +393473167278
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The influence of acoustics on people featuring neurodisorders. State-of-the-art and new perspectives

As recently by the World Health Organisation, the percentage of people in the world suffering from a neurocognitive or neurodevelopmental disorder (as referred and described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual disorder) is constantly increasing. Therefore, the availability of inclusive spaces including a broader range of occupants is of paramount importance. A comfortable inclusive experience in residential, care or work facilities is needed and of increasing interest. However, most of the available studies in literature are focused on typically developed individuals. This is caused partially by the fact that it is easier to develop research not based on fragile individuals and partially because different associated comorbidities prevent the researchers to retrieve subjective and direct responses coming from fragile persons.

In light of this, in order to investigate what has been studied, a state-of-the-art research was carried out. The aim is to provide a complete overview of what has been studied for each different disorder, sorting common study strategies, comorbidities and solutions (if any) that can be used, tested and (or) proposed. They will be highlighted and discussed focusing on the perception of the acoustic domain considered in the general framework of indoor comfort.