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Finnur Pind

Professional title: Co-founder & CEO at Treble Technologies
Workplace: Treble Technologies


Wave-based virtual acoustics integrated into the building design process

Acoustic simulations and auralizations can be useful tools for facilitating the design of acoustics in buildings. This talk presents a new acoustic design platform called Treble. The platform offers high accuracy simulations, an efficient workflow and real-time audio-visual auralizations. Various benchmarks and examples of the platform being used in practice will be presented.

The core of the platform is a new sound simulation engine that combines a wave-based approach for the low-mid frequencies and a phased geometrical acoustics engine for the high frequencies. This means that acoustic phenomena such as diffraction, interference and phase are accurately modelled, which can be crucial factors, especially for small-medium sized spaces as are typically found in schools, workplaces and hospitals. The platform is entirely cloud-based, which enables e.g. ultra efficient wave-based simulations, collaboration opportunities and the ability to run multiple simulations simultaneously.

A “live-link” integration into 3D modelling tools like SketchUp and Rhino facilitates an efficient workflow by reducing the effort needed to set up an acoustic simulation and enabling rapid design iterations. Immersive and real-time audio-visual auralization capabilities can be useful for getting an intuitive feeling for the acoustic design and for communicating designs to various stakeholders.