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Fabio Kaiser

Professional title: CEO
Workplace: Amadeus Acoustics
Phone number: +43 650 8519845
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The digitization of room acoustics by means of active acoustics

The acoustics of a room have a significant influence on the function and quality of the architecture and also the sense of well-being. Nowadays, modern architecture for events, art, concerts and even the workplace has to be able to adapt to meet new and rapidly changing requirements. The state-of-the-art solution to create variable acoustics is called active acoustics. It is a digital and electro-acoustic tool to alter every important acoustic parameter, the diffuse sound and early reflections. With this tool, a conference room can be turned into a concert hall at the push of a button.

This presentation describes the basic workings of active acoustics, the requirements for the room acoustics of a given space, and the typical challenges to overcome. Further, we are going to take a look at current existing applications in the area of concert hall acoustics, theatres and themed experiences. But we will take a deeper dive into the question of how to extend the use of active acoustics as a tool for other spaces like meeting rooms, offices and many more.