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Csaba Huszty

Professional title: MScEE, PhD, Managing Director
Workplace: ENTEL Engineering Research & Consulting Ltd.
Phone number: +36 209 350 360
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Room acoustics and related standards in Hungary

Hungary’s journey in standardization began over a century ago with the release of the first building material standards in 1875. However, it wasn’t until 145 years later that the country saw the publication of its first room acoustics standard, along with another one containing requirements for electroacoustic systems.

The standards were the result of four years of development which was quickly followed by the adoption of the open office ISO standard into the national regime just a year later.

This shift and the resulting modifications of the building code making these standards mandatory have had a profound impact on the quality of room acoustics. The pace of adoption in the market has been remarkable, and the lessons learned throughout the standardization process have been invaluable.